homebaby présentationWelcome to the nursery BabyHome !

Babyhome nursery is located at Junglinster and provides a home-to-home environment that is ideal for children to play, learn and develop. It is a small structure that welcome about twenty children in a family atmosphere within an independent house, recently renovated which fully complies with the Inspection des Travaux et des Mines requirements. Our saff is fully dedicated to welcome your childrens in a safety and comfortable environment.

In a quiet and green environment babyhome is ensuring your childrens with full safety and wellness allowing them to evolve and grow with optimal conditions.

Our structure benefited from a large garden with several games and different activities which childrens can enjoy with full respect of security needs: slides, tricycle, sandbox, gardening space…

Our large outdoor space provides surroundings for safe exploration, physical development, and a place where all children can experience being part of a thriving natural environment. Our garden has a safe play surface, a tailor made stage for imaginative play, planting areas which the children enjoy taking ownership of and a separate play space for our babies. Overall, Baby home is a vibrant nursery offering young children a great environment to further their development within.

The nursery is easily accessible and benefits from an outside parking for parents and staff.

Located 10 minutes from Kirchberg, it is located in a quiet street, secondary to the main road linking Junglinster to Luxembourg.

A variety of well planned activities and resources are on offer for children throughout the day, encouraging learning, growth, and fun ! Nursery activities include music sessions, creative fun, Gardening Club, story-time and a wealth of outdoor play. These activities provide both stimulation and opportunity for development of confidence and self-esteem – children learn about the world around them, nature and living things, along with early maths concepts and an abundance of language development as well the development of early literacy skills.
A special highlight for our children is visiting the library each week – they take pride and delight in choosing a selection of books that they bring back to the nursery and share together as a group. We particularly embrace the involvement of parents coming into the nursery to share and read stories and take part in all these activities.
The groups are established by two classes of ages: the smalls from 3 months to 2 years and the greats from 2 to 4 years. Each group evolves in its own floor benefiting from two specific bathrooms.

We look forward to welcoming you.