In order to ensure a balanced nutritional foods, rich of vitamins, lunch are delivered by a specialized company fully compliant with the luxembourgish norms.

Here at Baby home we love having our nurseries full of happy, healthy, children bursting with energy and vitality…and we believe that the quality of the food we serve has an essential part to play.
We are committed to serving healthy, balanced and nutritious foods that give your child all of the energy they need for a busy day of play, learning and development.
Menus are carefully planned and freshly prepared and a daily menu is displayed at nurseries.

In addition to a balanced lunch, our children also tuck into a morning snack, afternoon tea, and we also provide breakfast.

We make every effort to make mealtimes fun and an opportunity to learn – meals are served family style so that children quickly grasp key skills and food etiquette – setting the table, serving themselves, sharing conversation and clearing away afterwards.

Baby home believe in educating children about food to encourage them to make healthy food choices for themselves. We also encourage parents to get involved in cooking activities at home and in the nursery.
If your child has any special dietary needs based on medical/allergy conditions or cultural requirements, just let us know and your Nursery Manager will be happy to discuss this with you.