The free game

jeulibreThe child can decide himself his game’s moment, the group of children he would like to play with. He remains also free to choose his game. We help the childrens to find the right way of playing in order to optimize their learning and enable their socialization.

During the playing time, our educators are in charge of providing the childrens the best conditions to develop their contacts each others.

The free games are multiple : play garage and cars, dolls corner, children play mom and dad, police …, puzzle, look at books and relax in the rest areas.

Outside games: ball, bike, slide, sandbox …

The childrens spend most of their times when not sleeping or eating playing and improving their autonomy.


Directed activitiesactivitedirigee

These are activities for which the adult gives an instruction to specific objectives such as developing the child’s skills while respecting his rhythm and familiarize him with the appropriate vocabulary for each activity.

Here are some examples :

Cooking workshop : children are introduced to several gustatory experiences by adding an ingredient in the preparation. At mealtime, they can savor their preparation.

– Visual art workshop : the proposed activities such as drawing, coloring, painting, cutting… allow children to discover different materials, colors and to learn to express their emotions.

– Art workshop : music, singing and theater are available for children. They learn to use different musical instruments and sounds bound to the musical awakening. Children learn songs, dances and dress up as their favorite character.

– Gardening : children can sow their seeds in the vegetable garden.

– Awakening activity : these activities allow kids to recognize the alphabet letters, to distinguish shapes and colors, to refine hearing, identifying numbers, read the hour … via playful games.

– Psychomotricity : Different spaces are fitted out to allow children to discover and develop their physical skills while respecting their cerebral maturity. These courses are made up of obstacles to be crossed by crawling, jumping…which contributed to the physical balance of the child.

Outdoors activities

sortieDuring the year, in addition to the indoor activities , depending on the weather, various activities are planned , such as the swimming pool, a visit of the Mudam museum , library , visits to the fire department , post office … walks to the natural and animal park.

We also frequently invite artists such as painter and musicians, Santa Claus at Christmas …