Our nurseries are approved
“Cheque services accueil” (CSA).

As a guarantee of quality accessible to all workers active in the Grand-Ducal territory, the CSA cover a significant part of your child’s care expenses and is a subvention by the Luxembourg State. They are part of equal opportunities for all and aim to strengthen social cohesion in Luxembourg.

The cheque service accueil approval induces compliance with quality criteria for crèches, and provides parents with certification at various levels: regulated staff supervision, infrastructure adapted to the number of children, coherent educational project aimed at strengthening social cohesion, continuing education plan for supervisory staff. In this dynamic, our structures apply this philosophy by complying with all of the required prescriptions and with particular emphasis on the safety of children.


The cost of childcare and meals for your child are largely covered by the CSA.

How to benefit from cheque service accueil (CSA)?

The prerequisite for taking advantage of reception service vouchers is to be employed in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and to be affiliated to the “Caisse pour l’Avenir des Enfants”. Resident parents only need to register their child with the municipal administration of their place of residence, and with the “Caisse pour l’Avenir des Enfants” for non-resident workers. Our staff is at your disposal to assist you in subscribing to the CSA.

Are you a worker in the Grand-Ducal territory?