Discover the Montessori pedagogy

Welcome to Babyhome, where education becomes an exciting adventure, and learning is a continuous discovery. At Babyhome, we take pride in incorporating the Montessori pedagogy into our daycare centers, providing each child the opportunity to unfold their unique potential at their own pace. Here’s how we integrate the Montessori pedagogy into our educational approach:

1. Prepared Environment:

Our daycare centers are designed to promote independence and exploration. Classrooms are organized to encourage free movement of children and stimulate their natural curiosity.

Furniture and materials are carefully chosen to be child-sized, fostering autonomy and self-directed education.

2. Montessori Materials:

We utilize specific Montessori educational materials designed to encourage sensory learning and exploration.

These materials promote the development of practical, cognitive, and social skills while allowing children to work independently.

3. Respecting the Child’s Pace:

At Babyhome, we understand that each child is unique. The Montessori pedagogy guides us in respecting the individual pace of each child, fostering harmonious growth and self-confidence.

4. Autonomy and Responsibility:

We encourage autonomy from an early age. Children are motivated to take care of themselves and their environment, developing a sense of responsibility and personal pride.

5. Sensorial and Practical Education:

Montessori education places a strong emphasis on sensory development. Our educational activities are designed to stimulate all senses, promoting a profound understanding of the world around us.

Practical activities, such as pouring, transferring, and object manipulation, are integrated into our daily routines to develop fine motor coordination and concentration.

6. Communication and Collaboration:

We believe in open communication with parents. Regular reports, parent-teacher meetings, and special events are organized to create a harmonious partnership between home and daycare.

At Babyhome, Montessori pedagogy is more than an educational method; it’s a way of life that allows each child to thrive in a prepared environment filled with love, respect, and a commitment to holistic development. Welcome to our learning community at Babyhome!