Welcome at Babyhome, Creches & Foyer de Jour Montessori 0-4 years

Welcome to Babyhome, the network of Montessori nurseries and daycares in Luxembourg, where education comes to life in an inspiring and nurturing environment. At BabyHome, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional educational experience by integrating the principles of Montessori education into our nurseries and daycares. Here’s what makes BabyHome a unique choice for your child’s development:

1. Montessori Pedagogy at the Core:

At Babyhome, Montessori pedagogy is at the heart of our educational approach. We believe in autonomy, individuality, and respecting the pace of each child to foster harmonious development.

2. Prepared Environment:

Our nurseries and daycares are carefully designed to create learning spaces that stimulate children’s natural curiosity. Organized classrooms promote free exploration and discovery.

3. Authentic Montessori Materials:

We use authentic Montessori educational materials to encourage sensory learning and cognitive development. These tools promote autonomy and self-education in children.

4. Qualified and Dedicated Educators:

Our team of educators consists of qualified professionals who are passionate about Montessori education. Each is committed to supporting the overall development of your child.

5. Respect for Nature:

At Babyhome, we value sustainability and environmental respect. Our nurseries incorporate eco-friendly practices to raise awareness among children about preserving nature.

6. Collaboration with Families:

We consider parents as essential partners in each child’s educational journey. Open and regular communication fosters close collaboration between home and our educational community.

7. Diversity of Enriching Activities:

Babyhome offers a variety of artistic, musical, and physical activities to enhance each child’s educational experience. Educational outings and special events are also organized to stimulate curiosity.